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Followers: 15,700

Main Channel: Instagram

Other Type : Travel

Facebook Followers: 1,900

Instagram Followers: 15.7k

Snapchat Followers: 2500

My Instagram consists of 15.7k followers and I mainly focus within the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel industry. My TikTok consists of 1600 followers, however I am currently working significantly hard to increase this. A few brands which I am proud to say that I’ve worked with are; Romwe, Pretty Little Thing, Bondi Sands, Shein, Sunkissed tan, PLouise, Olay, WKD, Smile Time and many more which I am grateful for and that have been amazing opportunities for me I am currently doing an arts degree in video production and social media marketing. I am also very passionate about mental health, nutrition and well being and therefore have also worked with many food places and further fun experiences. Additionally, due to all the travelling I do I have gotten to work with some amazing photographers for hotels including Southern Palms hotel in Barbados, I have received collaborations for VIP beds in Ibiza rocks etc.

  • Additional details

    Height: 157.5cm / 5' 2"

    Shoe: 5

    Hair: White Blonde

    Eye Colour: brown

    Dress Size: 6

    Bra Size: 32A